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Tina Abeel Vocal Studio

  • Voice Lessons
  • Singing Lessons
  • Vocal Coach

With her 35+ years of classical voice training and performance experience throughout the United States and Europe, and with a four octave range, Dramatic Coloratura Soprano, San Francisco Symphony Concert Singer and Opera Singer at Opera Houses in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc., Tina Abeel teaches her voice students proper vocal technique so that each student learns to sing with ease and freedom to attain and experience that magical moment of the totally coordinated vocal instrument.

Tina appreciates the necessity for her to present a practical, intelligent approach to teaching the vocal student about his or her vocal instrument so that, with concentrated effort, the student can attain the desired goal of becoming a singer who can sing any vocal style of music with ease and freedom and with their own unique voice.

Vocal Styles Taught:

  • Opera
  • Classical
  • Musical Theatre
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Gospel
  • Jazz
  • Folk
  • Country
  • Speech
  • Rehab

   “When I teach someone to sing who wants to be a pop, country or jazz singer, I teach them with the 30+ years of my classical training and performance experience. My singers learn to sing classically. It does not matter if a young singer wants to sing Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Mozart, Verdi or Puccini; the technique and approach is the same. All of my singers study classically. However, they do not all study classical repertoire. I have singers who have finished in the top 50 at American Idol. I have a singer in the new girl group sensation Fine Chynah, soon to be signed with a major record label. I have students who are working with a six-time Emmy award-winning composer on their original music. I have an 11 year old student who was selected out of 22 thousand singers for The’. I have students I am preparing for the National Council Auditions at the Metropolitan Opera. I have students who are working in community theatres and I also have students I am preparing for college scholarships at prestigious conservatoires. My teaching approach remains the same for all.”



Tina Abeel

Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach

Phone: 360-271-1474


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